Karthik Sethuraman

After more than a quarter of a century in banking and always in continuous pursuit of higher things in life, Karthik has now taken up operating responsibilities for Sol Dada – a Kenyan brand that build communities around its products – apparel and accessories created from custom ethnic prints and artwork.

Nadia Okongo
Social Media manager

I’m just a girl in search of who she is. I think a lot and the best way to express all this is through write. I write because it allows me to be free.

It allows me to escape my complicated self and live in an ideal world where honesty and authenticity thrives.


I am passionate about transforming your ideas into creative solutions that sell your product, tell your story, and make you memorable.

I am a skilled graphic designer in print and digital media. Experienced user of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, MS Office Products, Google Products, etc

David otuya
Web Developer

At Pictonet Technologies we are passionate about transforming clients ideas into an online presence they can be proud of.

With Sol Dada, it’s been a great journey of learning about how to best present the brand to the online community. We are glad at last we are here.

Stacey Nduta
Digital Strategist

A digital strategist passionate about guiding businesses through an evolving landscape. She enjoys creating meaningful content and delves in refining brands to not only connect to audiences but build communities around them.